A Look at the Bright Side of Life


Origin of the Blog Name:  The name Sweets4daSweet comes from the movie Candyman. The way that it is spelled comes from the fact that the conventional spelling of the phrase had already been taken on WordPress.  After thinking it over and realizing that I really wanted the name, I then thought about when I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to get an autograph from my favorite musician of the prior fourteen years.  During our encounter, I asked him what name he would give me if I was in of one of the groups in which he is a member.  The name he gave me contained a number in the place of a word and also had da in the place of the word the.  I then had my way to get what I wanted.  I got to keep the name and make it special to me.

The Point:  The name should speak for itself.  It is my positive contribution in the form of stories, pictures, news articles, questions about life and anything else that I feel is worthy of sharing.

Language: As Sweets4daSweet would suggest, this site is not one of the strict proper use of the English language.  It will mostly be a combination of English and ebonics.  Grammatically, it might get ugly at times.  Some posts will be some of the most ebonically (if that’s a word) correct things you’ve ever seen.  It is just my way of expressing myself.  Furthermore, if you choose to make a comment about how bad my grammar, wording, or spelling is, I will take that comment as your way of volunteering to edit this blog for me.

Intendend Audience:  Everyone.  If people keep telling you that you are mean or that you have a bad attitude, this just might not be for you.  It is Sweets4daSweet for goodness sake.  Besides after all this time of feeling like you have earned the title of King or Queen B., I’d hate for you to leave a comment on this site only for me to abruptly dethrone you lol.

Author:  My name is Shannon.  I am a 33 year old, African American female who resides in the metro Atlanta area whose country roots will show from time to time.  Can’t quite remember what distinguishes country people?  Well, we’re those nice people who wear all that white.


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