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Is There a Hero Inside of You?


I believe so. We’ve all heard stories of people developing superhuman strength to lift objects as heavy as cars and tractors to save someone’s life. Well, I certainly don’t have a personal account of me having had any extra physical ability bestowed on me. I also know that superhuman strength is not the only thing that can save a person’s life.

My tale of being there in someone else’s time of need actually takes place at work of all places. As usual, I came back to work after my lunch break. My coworker said that when I came up the escalator she could barely see me due to her blurred vision. She kept talking to me and explaining about her vision problems. I then thought about a conversation we had a few weeks earlier. During that conversation, she told me that she had visited the doctor and learned that she was prediabetic. It was with that knowledge as well as all the info that I was privy to being a resident of a small, rural community that I could help her . Basically in a rural community, we all know each other’s business including ailments. I knew that when someone has Diabetes and it progressively gets worse, vision loss is experienced. So, at that moment I told my coworker that it was her Diabetes that was causing her symptoms. I did not really know at the time how much of a medical emergency it was, but in any event what I told her prompted her to visit the Emergency Room. When they checked her blood sugar, it was in the 600s. She was in immediate danger of losing both her vision and life. Considering the fact that I have never spent one day in medical school, I was and still am quite proud of what I did. She did have to stay a few days in the hospital and learn to inject herself with insulin, but was fine. I felt just like I was a super hero.

Have you ever done anything that saved or helped save someone’s life?

If you were a superhero, what would your name be and why?

Mine would be Black Widow.


The Love Shop

No matter how long I live in Atlanta, there will always be the little country girl that lives inside me that is still intrigued by what a city has to offer. The sights still command my attention even after ten years. That’s a good thing, because sometimes I stumble upon things as interesting as this storefront. It is one of the sweetest things that I have ever seen. I know that I have needed their services in the past and probably will in the future.