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Happy Valentine’s Day

If I could have given these to you in person, I would’ve.


While we’re on this topic…

How much do you know about this little guy?


Most people like myself recognize that this image is Cupid. He is an angel and he makes people fall in love.  But, that is about all I knew.  That was until I read the February 3, 2015 edition of the Buyer’s Guide.  Here I will share most of the article, “What is Cupid’s connection to love?”,  with you.

God of love and desire

Ancient Greeks and Romans were prolific storytellers and used mythology to explain many of the mysteries of life.  Certain feelings and happenings on Earth were attributed to the moods and actions of gods who presided over the people.

In Roman mythology, Cupid was the god of desire, erotic love, attraction, and affection.  His Greek counterpart was Eros, while in Latin Cupid was known as Amor.  According to myth, Cupid was the son of the winged messenger Mercury and Venus, the goddess of love.  Cupid’s machinations were often guided by his mother’s hand, and matchmaking remained his most well-known trait.

As time went on and Christian influences pushed out ancient Greek and Roman beliefs, Cupid was seen as angel of heavenly and earthly love.  Cupid could easily be mistaken for many other angelic cherubim portrayed in artwork during the Renaissance period.  Eventually Cupid became a popular icon of Valentine’s Day.

Cupid’s Appearance

Cupid has appeared in different ways in illustrations and other artwork throughout history.  Sometimes he is depicted as a winged, chubby infant carrying a bow and a quiver of arrows.

Classical Greek art depicts Cupid as a slender, winged youth.

The reason Cupid has wings is because lovers are known to be flighty and change their moods and minds with some frequency.  He is boyish because love is irrational, and he carries arrows and a torch because love can both wound but also inflame the heart.

Cupid has traditionally been portrayed as benevolent, if not mischievous.  After all, his goal is to bring two lovers together.  His arsenal was equipped with two different kinds of arrows.  People pierced by gold tipped arrows would succumb to uncontrollable desire.  Those afflicted by an arrow with a blunt tip of lead desired only to flee.

“Cupid and Psyche”

Cupid may have been responsible for bringing many people together with his special arrows, but he was also granted the opportunity to experience love himself.  According to the myth of “Cupid and Psyche,” Psyche was a beautiful woman whose appearance rivaled even that of Venus.  People grew enchanted by her beauty and started to neglect the worship of Venus.  Jealous of this attention, Venus asked Cupid to make Psyche fall in love with a monster.  But when Cupid saw how beautiful Psyche was, he accidentally dropped the arrow meant for her and pricked himself instead.  The immediately became enamored with her.

Psyche who had not been able to marry like her other sisters, feared she had been cursed by the gods in some way.  She was sent away to avoid the premonition of marrying a monster, but Cupid hidden from sight, ended up visiting Psyche and gaining her trust and affection.  The pair them married, although Psyche had never seen her husband in the light of the day because he forbade her to look up him.  After all, he was a god and she was a mortal.

One night Psyche disobeyed Cupid’s edict and snuck a peek by candlelight.  She was amazed by his beauty and became startled, wounding herself on one of his arrows.  Psyche ended up dropping hot wax on Cupid, which woke him up and he ran off.

Psyche wandered endlessly trying to find her lost husband and had to go through trials established by a still-jealous Venus.  In one of her trials, she ended up getting put to sleep, but Cupid revived her and pleaded with Jupiter to make Psyche immortal and let her be his true love.  Jupiter ultimately granted that wish.

Well, there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed that article as much as I did.

Oprah Strikes Again

Why does Oprah keep hitting white men?

This is the question that ran through my mind after reading an article in a recent issue of Rolling Stone.  If you don’t know which one I’m talking about, then it is the one with Nicki Minaj on the cover.  I’m sure that most of you can remember her image on the front, especially you guys.  Anyway, as expressed by the article written by Peter Travers the movie Selma is slated to be a pivotal one given the timeliness of it.  Just as the movie itself I’m sure will be memorable the performances of the actors who portray people at a very turbulent time in America’s history will stake their claim at the forefront of our minds.  Now, I will get back to my question.  Oprah is one of those actors and she portrays Annie Lee Cooper.  Annie Lee Cooper as the article states decked a white sheriff for denying her right to vote.  Did you just get deja vu like I did?  Although, Oprah has made a name for herself as an actress, the role that she is most known for is the one in the movie The Color Purple.  Her character, Sofia, when she felt that she was being mistreated assaulted a white man and paid dearly for doing so.  So what do you think?

Water Rings

I thought it was pretty.

This photo was taken at Centennial Olympic Park.  If it had been an aerial photo, you could have seen that these are actually the Olympic rings.

Stop and See the Roses

Stop and See the Roses

My Appetite is My Shepherd

My appetite is my shepherd
I always want
It maketh me to sit down
and stuff myself
It leadeth me to my refrigerator repeatedly
It leadeth me in the path of
Burger King for a whopper
It destroyeth my shape
Yea though I knoweth I gaineth
I will not stop eating
For that food tasteth so good
The ice cream and cookies, they
comfort me
When the table is spread before me
It exciteth me
For I know that soon
I shall dig in
As I fillith my plate continously
my clothes runneth smaller
Surely, bulges and excess weight shall
follow me all the days of my life
and I Will Be Fat Forver.

Actually, I don’t remember the title so I made the first line the title. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it.

As a kid, I remember walking in the front door of my grandparents’ house after a long day of school to be told that my mother had passed away.  The last time I saw her would be the last time that I would ever see her alive.  It was a harsh and final thing for me to hear.

Sixteen years later I had made friends with this young lady.  She was from El Salvador, and since my Southern tongue could not seem to wrap itself around her name, I called her Lethe’.  It is pronounced like Le with the e being like the e in egg and the’ sounding like the word they.

She was my buddy and you could frequently find her beating me mercilessly at a game of pool.  She introduced me to Flamin Hot Cheetos which is something that I would only eat at her insistence that I try.  I still eat them today.  She opened up my world to an entirely new culture.  I had certainly heard of El Salvador, but I had never actually met someone from there.

A short while before I was to start taking some new classes she started to not feel well.  She did visit the doctor, but her symptoms seemed to be getting worse.  I became distracted by the classes that I was now taking until I bumped into her sister one Friday night after I realized that even with the classes I was taking I should have seen her around somewhere.  At that time, her sister told me that Lethe’ had taken a turn for the worse and was now in the hospital.

I was shocked.  I had known that she was sick, but I would not let the idea that it was anything serious enter my mind even though she had some unusual symptoms the last that I saw her.  I quickly and frantically searched for someone to go to the hospital with me.  Jennifer proved to be a reliable friend and agreed to go.

Bright and early Saturday morning, we set out for the hospital. When we got there, Jennifer thought that it would be a good idea for us to stop at the gift shop and get her the magazines that she enjoyed.  We finally got to her room to find her lying in a hospital bed now covered with sores. She was happy to see us. We talked to her for a while. We told her that we loved her, hugged her, and before I exited the room I told her how much I wanted to see her again.

That was not to happen. The next day, I became aware that she passed. The only solace I had to comfort me was that I got the chance to say goodbye. The opportunity that had eluded me with my mother sixteen years before was one that I had taken advantage of with her.

What have you taken advantage of recently that seemed to have gotten away from you in the past?


I believe so. We’ve all heard stories of people developing superhuman strength to lift objects as heavy as cars and tractors to save someone’s life. Well, I certainly don’t have a personal account of me having had any extra physical ability bestowed on me. I also know that superhuman strength is not the only thing that can save a person’s life.

My tale of being there in someone else’s time of need actually takes place at work of all places. As usual, I came back to work after my lunch break. My coworker said that when I came up the escalator she could barely see me due to her blurred vision. She kept talking to me and explaining about her vision problems. I then thought about a conversation we had a few weeks earlier. During that conversation, she told me that she had visited the doctor and learned that she was prediabetic. It was with that knowledge as well as all the info that I was privy to being a resident of a small, rural community that I could help her . Basically in a rural community, we all know each other’s business including ailments. I knew that when someone has Diabetes and it progressively gets worse, vision loss is experienced. So, at that moment I told my coworker that it was her Diabetes that was causing her symptoms. I did not really know at the time how much of a medical emergency it was, but in any event what I told her prompted her to visit the Emergency Room. When they checked her blood sugar, it was in the 600s. She was in immediate danger of losing both her vision and life. Considering the fact that I have never spent one day in medical school, I was and still am quite proud of what I did. She did have to stay a few days in the hospital and learn to inject herself with insulin, but was fine. I felt just like I was a super hero.

Have you ever done anything that saved or helped save someone’s life?

If you were a superhero, what would your name be and why?

Mine would be Black Widow.

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